Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to EMPOWER Your Values!
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    • Why try EMPOWER Your Values?
    • Identifying your goals for EMPOWER Your Values
    • Welcome from Victoria and Elizabeth
  • 02
    Let's get started by clarifying your values!
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    • EMPOWER Values-Clarification Exercise
    • Core Values
  • 03
    Your values and stress
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    • Your values and stress
    • Focusing on one source of stress
    • Going deeper, exploring your stressor
  • 04
    Moving forward
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    • What's next?
    • Tips for choosing a next small next step
    • Ensuring progress
  • 05
    Before you go...
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    • Maintaining momentum
    • More resources for you
    • What did you gain?
    • Well done! You've completed the course!


“I don’t ever really take time to think about what my values are or to relate them to the fact that – and this is where it really helped me, is to see that when I have conflicts in my life... they seem to stem from those values not being realized or not being recognized... And that was not something that I ever think I would have made the connection there before sitting down and working on this worksheet and then hearing what you had to say.”

EMPOWER intro session participant

“​I did appreciate the meditation exercise. I have to admit I’m not a meditator and I think I reluctantly let myself engage in that and I think it was really helpful.”

EMPOWER intro session participant

“I really did appreciate the time to reflect... It revealed that there is a conflict between two of my values... and at the very least, even if the big wish that I have doesn’t turn out, at least living consistently with my values I think will make me feel better about it.”

EMPOWER intro session participant

  • Instructors

    Victoria Fontana, M.A. Ed, ACC is a Mindfulness and Meditation Consultant/Teacher and Wellness Coach, dedicated to helping people create well-being in their lives with integral, evidence-based coaching approaches such as positive psychology and mindfulness. Trained as a Mindfulness Consultant at the Escuela Española de Desarrollo Transpersonal, Madrid, Spain, accredited by the European University of Miguel de Cervantes; and as a Meditation Teacher by the Fundación Seresh, Madrid, Spain. She is an ICF accredited coach (ACC) and earned her Mindfulness, Wellness and Somatic Coaching certificate through the Mindfulness Coaching School. Victoria continues her studies, earning a Masters in Mindfulness-Based Approaches from Bangor University in Wales, UK, and in Contemplative Psychotherapy at the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education and currently teaches at IE University. She is the founder of Mindgazing ( She is also a painter. You can see her work at

    Victoria Fontana

    Victoria Fontana
  • Instructors

    After more than 20 years as an academic researcher, teacher, and leader, Elizabeth Odders-White founded nodramaturg coaching & consulting to help clients in higher education—and beyond—thrive. She works with leaders, individuals, and groups to set goals consistent with their values, map out steps for moving forward, and generate evidence-based strategies for overcoming any obstacles. Elizabeth’s deep compassion and creativity, coupled with an intimate familiarity with the complexities of an academic environment, enable her to offer clients the particular encouragement and support they need to flourish. Elizabeth earned a Ph.D. in finance from Northwestern University, as well as a BS in mathematics and a BFA in music, both from Tulane University. She is a certified executive coach trained through the International Coach Federation accredited Center for Executive Coaching and has received additional training in positive psychology coaching through MentorCoach. You can learn more about Elizabeth and her coaching and consulting services at

    Elizabeth Odders-White

    Elizabeth Odders-White